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Consolidated Tips from the movement of this topic

Tue Jul 08, 2014 1:13 pm

One tip for the new site is:
when you first come to the site, just below the KYKS banner about 3 lines down on the right is "View new posts | View your posts". If you click on view new posts, you will see new posts made since your last visit.

You don't receive email notices except to the posts you reply to or initiate (then only if you indicate just above the 'submit' button 'notify me when a reply is posted'.
I usually check once or more a day by going to the site link:


Then I click on 'view new posts' in the sort of upper right... look for it... it's next to the 'view your posts' link.
A lot of times there will be 0 or empty when you click there. We're not as active lately. You can attribute it to all of us getting used to a new site.
Hope this helps. :)

Another tip is more complicated(changing -signature line, edit avatar, edit account settings [email addy & password]):
1. Click on "user profile" in the menu just below the banner. It is on the far right.
2. You will see 'Options' on the left.
3. If you go down the list, you will see 'Profile' - click on this.
4. The first thing you see is 'edit profile'. (it [edit profile] shows darkened on the left and the profile is on the right.) You may or may not edit this as you wish.
5. The next one down on the list on the left is 'edit signature'. You can add a signature to every post without typing it every time by typing it in the box here.
6. the next one down on the list on the left is 'edit avatar'. You can add an image that you wish to use here by following the instructions.
7. the next one down is 'edit account settings'. Here you can change your email address and password.

That is the end of the profile section. You might want to explore the user control menu to see what's available to make your experience here better.

III.(Private Message)
1. If you want to send someone a private message in regards to something they posted go to the bottom of the message. The second blue button in says PM. Click on that and the original poster will get a private message. The original poster will be able to get the private message by going to the bar at the top of the screen which starts out with Calendar. The 4th tab over is Messages. If you have any messages you will see something other than (0). You can also go to the members list and send a PM or E-mail to any of the members from there.

2. If you just want to answer one of the posters in the topic and make sure she understands that you are replying to her post you can click on the quote button at the bottom of that post. It is the last button on the right at the bottom of each post.

When you click on the top blue box that is "Reply to Topic" a message window will come up that gives you options likebold, underline, italics, font colour, and even smilies . Underneath the message box are some options regarding posts. The first one says "Disable BBCode", second is "Disable smilies", and the last one says "Notify me when a reply is posted". Make sure there is a check mark in the box beside that one and you will receive an e-mail when someone posts after you. It probably defaults to being checked but you can look at it a verify. I believe the default is the last two of the five options are checked.

Beneath these options are a "preview" and "submit" button (along with a save and cancel) and if you click on "preview" it will show you how your message will be posted. I always like to preview to make sure the codes (e.g. bold) I did worked and I proofread for spelling/grammar mistakes. Now just click on the "submit" button and it's done.

Ok for those who are having a hard time seeing the print do this:

1. Click 'User Control Panel (near the top right-hand side)
2. On the left menu, click 'Board Preferences'
3. Go down near the bottom of center choices "my board style".
4. Click on drop down menu where it says royal blue - choose subsilver 2
5. At the bottom of this menu, click Submit.

If you don't see a change - refresh your browser. You should be able to see button choices more clearly.

How to post pictures from your files:

1. In Art Gallery, click New Topic. Give your post a Title at the top.
2. At the very bottom beneath the post area is "Choose File" Menu should come up follow prompts (either choosing photo from your files or from the web - I believe - I have only posted from my files).
3. Double click on your photo. (You should then find its name next to choose file)
4. Click on "Add file" next to where your file name is.
5. It should then appear above the choose file area. Next to it says "Place file in line" FIRST...
6. Go up into the message area place your cursor where you want your photo to go.
7. Go back down to "Place in line" and click on it.

[If the PICTURE is TOO BIG, open the pic with "Paint" and 'reduce size' by 50 until you are happy (you will see 100 to begin with).]

It should be there - the name of the file only. I go then and click on "Preview" So I know everything looks the way I want it.

Hope This Helps (HTH) :D
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